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What Fanntum customers have to say...

"The Fanntum Container addresses every problem we have with other containers; air root pruning, cooler soil temperature, easy to fill, move and load due to the wire basket framework."

Gary Whitehurst
Worthington Farms, Greenville, NC

Gary Whitehurst and Fanntum Nursery Containers in use at Worthington Farms, Greenville, NC

"Using Fanntum Containers makes formerly unusable land profitable."

Lee Grantham
Grantham Farms & Nursery, Inc, Lumberton, NC
Phone: 910-734-7449
Fax: 910-739-8266

Lee Grantham and Fanntum Nursery Containers in use at Grantham Farms & Nursery, Lumberson, NC

"Fanntum Containers allow us to extend our B&B sales throughout the summer. We place B&B plants in Fanntum Containers in the winter and early spring and sell them throughout the rest of the year. Cooler soil temperature and no root circling gives us a superior root system and plant."

Jericho Farms, Wayne County, NC

Jericho Farms

"Everyone that sees the Fanntum Containers think they look great and are very interesting. A friend who designs and propagates in Costa Rica fell in love with them. She started out telling us how bad the idea was, then she saw the Fanntum Containers and immediately changed her tune. We find them easy to transport and are wonderful to work with. They do not gain heat as black plastic containers do."

Dean Holmes, President
Cocobolo Tree Farm, Costa Rica

Fanntum Nursery Containers in use at Cocobolo Tree Farm, Costa Rica

Using plants not expected to sell, Angelica Nurseries VP, Jim Kohl, decided to test Fanntum Containers. At the end of the growing season, plants were removed from the Fanntums and soil washed off the roots. Kohl described the results to a group from the American Nursery and Landscape Association's "Kick the Dirt" tour...

"They were a solid mass of roots. They had been air pruned and branched farther back in."

"It [a 7/8" caliper tree] sat on top of the ground in a test area, not a production area. It had only 'Mickey Mouse' irrigation for an hour a day. We absolutely did not pay any attention to these plants, they were totally neglected. They had no fertilizer last year, but did get fertilizer this year. Now, it's a solid mass of roots. I don't know what happened to the potting soil!"

"In Nebraska, California and Florida, everybody is saying the same thing... it's always 25 degrees cooler than in a plastic pot. There are lots of air holes, but the lower temperature compensates for the air."

Jim Kohl, Vice President
Angelica Nurseries, Kennedyville, Maryland

Angelica Nurseries

Fanntum Nursery Containers in use at Angelica Nurseries, Kennedyville, MD

Fanntum Nursery Containers in use with 670 gal. Live Oaks at

SMR Farms
4715 Lorraine Road
Bradenton, FL 34211
Phone: 877-708-3322

Fanntum Containers in use at SMR Farms, Bradenton, FL

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