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Wire Trellis - Perhaps the most common method, the wire trellis system consists of a single wire run from one side of the tree block to the other. The wire is supported on each end and at intervals throughout the block by wooden or metal posts. Plants are attached to the wire with strapping or twine.
T Posts - Staking with T posts is easy. T posts are placed in rows between plants and plants are tied to the top of the post. The advantage of this system is that the plants can be attached higher up into the canopy than with a single wire trellis. Photos illustrate T posts used with formed wire clip and mule tape.
Earth Anchors - Earth anchors are inserted into the ground on the outside and inside of plant rows. They are easy to install and have a long life span. Anchors can be placed where 2 or 3 grouped containers can share one anchor. Plants are attached with soft strapping and tied to the anchor. Some anchors have tie eyes, others have a ratchet top.

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