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Make your rainy days profitable!

Fanntum containers are easy to assemble!

The majority of our customers purchase unassembled containers and assemble them during rainy days or slack time. Assembly is easy and even shipping costs are reduced since more unassembled containers will fit on a pallet.

(Click HERE to open a .pdf copy of assembly instructions suitable for printing.)

Step 1 -Turn Fanntum wire basket upside down on working surface at comfortable working height.  
Step 2 - Place Fanntum container liner (shipped inside out) with black fabric bottom on top of the wire basket. Hold fabric bottom securely against basket and pull liner down and around frame with right sides out.
Step 3 - Once the liner has been completely pulled around the wire basket, flip the basket over.

Step 4 - Center the liner bottom with the wire basket.

Step 5 - Pull Fanntum liner upward from opposite sides past the top horizontal wire of the basket to determine the desired amount of fold needed to cover the top wire and tightly secure the liner to the basket.

Step 6 - Once the amount of fold is determined, attach the liner using either hog ring staples or raised anvil staples approximately 3/4 inch beyond both sides of the first lifting loop wire.

Rotate basket and repeat attachment procedure around opposite loop, pulling fabric tight. Then attach liner on both sides of all remaining loops.

Make sure to staple just beyond each of the lifting loops, but not inside the loops.

Step 7 - Once all sides are attached around lifting loops, pull liner tight as needed between loops and attach liner to ensure desired fit.
Step 8 - Due to variation in fabric and wire baskets, a Z-fold/pleat may occasionally be required. To tighten liner fabric to the top horizontal wire, pleat the fabric as needed and secure with hog ring or raised anvil staple.

Failure to follow assembly instructions may result in unsatisfactory fit and function of the container.

(When planting, remove fabric from outside of wire basket.)

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